New worm turns Windows, Linux servers into Monero miners

A newly discovered and self-spreading Golang-based malware has been actively dropping XMRig cryptocurrency miners on Windows and Linux servers since early December. This multi-platform malware also has worm capabilities that allow it to spread to other systems by brute-forcing public-facing services (i.e., MySQL, Tomcat, Jenkins and WebLogic) with weak passwords as revealed by Intezer security researcher Avigayil […]

DDoS Attacks Spiked, Became More Complex in 2020

Global pandemic and the easy availability of for-hire services and inexpensive tool sets gave adversaries more opportunities to attack. The large-scale shift to remote work and the increased reliance on online services as the result of the global pandemic this year gave threat actors new opportunities to use distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks to harass and […]

Wasabi cloud storage service knocked offline for hosting malware

Source: Cloud storage provider Wasabi suffered an outage after a domain used for storage endpoints was suspended for hosting malware. Wasabi is a cloud storage provider that competes with solutions like Amazon S3 by offering significantly cheaper services, not charging egress or API fees, and promising a 99.999999999% data durability. Yesterday, at approximately 2:30 PM […]

SolarWinds hackers’ goal was the victims’ cloud data

Microsoft says that the end goal of the SolarWinds supply chain compromise was to pivot to the victims’ cloud assets after deploying the Sunburst/Solorigate backdoor on their local networks. No new tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) were shared in a blog post published on Monday to provide Microsoft 365 Defender users with threat hunting techniques […]

Swatters hijack smart home devices to watch emergency responders

Weak credentials and login protections come with the risk of swatting for owners of connected devices with video and voice capabilities, warns the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). In a recent spate of swatting attacks, perpetrators have hijacked smart gadgets to watch or live stream the bad joke unfolding and engage the responding officers. […]

Reducing the Risk of Third-Party SaaS Apps to Your …

Such apps may try to leak your data, or can contain malicious code. And even legitimate apps may be poorly written, creating security risks. With the dramatic shift to remote workforces over the last six months (and projected to continue through 2021), more organizations are struggling with the security concerns of third-party software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications […]

Voyager cryptocurrency broker halted trading due to cyberattack

The Voyager cryptocurrency brokerage platform halted trading yesterday after suffering a cyberattack targeting their DNS configuration. Voyager Digital LLC is a cryptocurrency broker that allows investors to trade assets using the Voyager mobile app. Voyager has rapidly grown this year with a 40x growth in 12 months and $200 million in assets under management. Yesterday, the Voyager trading […]

US Treasury warns of ransomware targeting COVID-19 vaccine research

The US Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) warned financial institutions of ransomware actively targeting vaccine research organizations. “FinCEN is aware of ransomware directly targeting vaccine research, and FinCEN asks financial institutions to stay alert to ransomware targeting vaccine delivery operations as well as the supply chains required to manufacture the vaccines,” the US Treasury […]

Kawasaki discloses security breach, potential data leak

Japan’s Kawasaki Heavy Industries announced a security breach and potential data leak after unauthorized access to a Japanese company server from multiple overseas offices. Kawasaki Heavy Industries is a Japanese multinational corporation with over 35,000 employees [PDF], active in the heavy equipment, rolling stock, automotive, aerospace, and defense industries. “As a result of a thorough […]

Aida Cruises cancels trips due to mysterious “IT restrictions”

German cruise line AIDA Cruises is dealing with mysterious “IT restrictions” that have led to the cancellation of New Year’s Eve cruises embarking this past weekend. Aida Cruises is a subsidiary of multinational cruise giant Carnival Corporation and predominantly caters to German-speaking passengers. In an email seen by BleepingComputer, Aida told passengers for the AIDAperla […]

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